Financial aid and scholarship

10/9/2019 2:13 AM

In 2019, Phenikaa University offers four types of valuable scholarship with unlimited numbers for deserving  Freshmen students, in the form of  “Talented” scholarship, “Outstanding” scholarship, “Full-priced” scholarship, and “Academic Support” scholarship.

- Talented  Scholarship: worth 300% of the total tuition

-  Outstanding Scholarship: worth 200% of the total tuition

- Full-priced Scholarship: worth 100% of the total tuition

- Academic Support scholarship: worth 50% of the total tuition


Students only receive the most valuable scholarship

- The scholarships mentioned above are for freshmen only. In order to be awarded scholarships, students have to meet the requirements of school results and conduct according to the rules of Phenikaa University

- The dormitory fee is free of charge offor students who are directly  admitted

- For special majors involving 30% reduction in the total tuition, the value of the scholarships is calculated after reducing the discounted amount from the total tuition fee.