Mission, Vision & Goals

9/25/2019 1:56 AM


Phenikaa University strives

• To become a multidisciplinary University that is excellent in training, research, career development, and incubation of talents and freedom of creativity, relevant to developmental needs, and creates new values for the community.

• To be ranked among the Top 100 best universities in Asia within the next two decades.


Train and provide high-quality human resources on the basis of scientific research, technological development, and practice.

Facilitate an environment for both professional research and freedom of creativity for individuals to achieve breakthroughs in science, technology, and socio-economic development.


Core values: Three values, namely, PRACTICE- PARAGON – PRIDE govern all strategic planning, university governance, as well as internal and external public relations of the University.


"Research - Creativity - Practice to become outstanding": with the CDIO training model " Conceive - Design - Implement – Operate " which focuses on solving practical issues, with experienced teaching staff and advanced teaching-learning equipment, Phenikaa University develop highly-qualified human resources with a strong fundamentals, high practice and research skills, and knowing how to creatively apply knowledge into production and business practices in a proactive manner.


Phenikaa University has been built and developed to become a distinguished university amongst others in Vietnam and the Region, which nurtures each individual’s talents and freedom of creativity with a commitment to strive for excellence in all criteria: training, scientific research, people and community contributions.


Each of us is proud to be the student, staff, lecturer, and scientist of Phenikaa University; proud of our humanistic university which cultivates beliefs and aspirations to be excellent; proud of our efforts to create future, commitments and determination to "Realize all potentials", contributing to the development of high quality education system, for the community and the growth of the country.



 “Phenikaa University is a multidisciplinary university, with par excellence in training, research, and career development, aims at providing high-quality human resources and accomplishing achievements in applied science and technology with breakthrough impacts on the country’s economy, science and technology based on the integration of academic and practical learning environment that encouraging creativity.”