Phenikaa University to have a meeting with FPT University

11/5/2020 4:42 PM

On 21 October 2020, Phenikaa University and FPT University had a meeting to exchange experience and learn from each other regarding training management and facility construction taking place at Phenikaa University.

At the meeting, Prof. Pham Thanh Huy – President of Phenikaa University gave an overview of the University, and help take the president of FPT University – Dr Nguyen Khac Thanh,  on a school tour with other Phenikaa staff members.


The exchange session between the two parties took place in a friendly and open atmosphere. One ò the main contents of the meeting includes gearing towards advanced development goals in the quality of training and builidng an international standard institution.

After the meeting, the Board of Directors of Phenikaa University proceeded to visit FPT University (Hoa Lac Campus) many areas on campus such as: Little UK (specialised English learning area); dormitory and student services…

Both Phenikaa and FPT University have roots from enterprises, therefore the universities share the same goal towards training students with practical knowledge in learning, experiencing and developing essential skills.

Through this exchange and visit, the two parties hope to connect and establish a close relationship with each other, at the same time create a premise for the cooperative relationship to develop further in the future.