Why Phenikaa University?

10/7/2019 8:01 AM
1. Modern and dynamic learning environment

Students of Phenikaa University have a wide range of careers and career options based on their individual aspirations and competencies. The training model of the university is renformed  in the direction of integration, flexibility and international integration, offering best support to students for developing their careers.
In addition to the attending academic lectures, Phenikaa University students get multiple opportunities to join academic clubs to satisfy their passion for their studies and researches.  In all the faculties, there are typical academic clubs such as Science Research Club, Material Science Club, Future Pharmacist Club, Skills Club. Besides, there are ones for personal interest which are regular playgrounds for active Phenikaans as well, such as Modern Dancing Club, Dancing Club, Ethnic Musical Instrument Club, E-Sports Club, Chess Club, Sports Club.

Rainbow garden
2. Well-equipped facilities and modern international standards
Located right in Ha Dong District - Hanoi City, Phenikaa University's campus spreads over a luxurious area of over 14ha. Built spaciously and with modern amenities, the university is at par with international standards.
The school has nearly 200 classrooms and lecture theatres of international design, fully equipped with learning aids such as computers and projectors, more than 50 high-tech experimental laboratories with advanced equipment to help students learn in the best environment.
The modern library possesses a comprehensive computer network featuring high speed Internet, over 50,000 books, nearly 200 newspapers, magazines of all kinds and electronic learning materials, access to database of many domestic  and international universities and institutions.

                                                                                                                         Sport area

3. Outstanding, experienced and devoted teaching staff

Team of highly qualified lecturers and reowned  professors in the field of teaching and scientific research

Phenikaa University is proud of its strength of experienced and enthusiastic academicians, a team of highly qualified lecturers and reowned  professors in the field of teaching and scientific research. With more than 50% of its staff being Doctorate degree holders, Phenikaa University currently has nearly 300 full-time lecturers, including 44 Professors and Associate Professors.

4. Advanced training programs to closely meet the actual needs of businesses
With a learner-centric perspective, Phenikaa University pays special attention to students' self-study and research spirits through suggestive lectures, practical projects, scientific research works and extensive use of methodologies of learning materials. The university’s environment rigorously emphasizes on the students’ uptake on initiative and problem analysis skills independently, that is a solid premise for graduates to upgrade new knowledge and keep pace with the working environment quickly and effectively.

                                                                                           Phenikaa Uni students practice scientific research

5. An environment for nurturing and promoting passion for science

Phenikaa University believes that the passion for science needs to be nurtured and promoted. Therefore, freshman students have opportunities to participate in research projects with lecturers or attend seminars, scientific workshops in the country as well as overseas.
At Phenikaa University, students are encouraged for creativity and provided with maximum possible conditions to realize their potentials. The network / grid of international standard laboratories is always open to serve students for their practice and studies.
Since 2018, with the strategic investment from PHENIKAA Group, Phenikaa University has been implementing the construction of a modern and synchronous system of facilities including a system of fully equipped laboratories with advanced equipment and creative space for students who love sciences and technologies.

6. Opportunities for overseas studies and practices
With an extensive network of domestic and international cooperation, the ongoing partnership of Phenikaa University is constantly increasing with institutions like universities, research institutes and NGOs to businesses in the field of sciences and technologies in Vietnam and other countries, such as France, the USA, Canada, Japan, Korea, Taiwan. Phenikaa University students have many opportunities to participate in student exchange programs and career internships at universities which are the school’s partner institutions.

7. Terrific scholarships
At Phenikaa University, all students are given equal opportunity to study and develop their individual competencies with unlimited scholarship policies , including Talent Scholarship - 300% of tuition fee; Excellent Scholarships - 200% of tuition fee; Full Scholarship - 100% of tuition fee; Academic Support Scholarships - 50% of tuition fee. As long as students have the determination, confidence and courage to conquer knowledge to build a bright new life, Phenikaa University is always ready to make  your dreams come true.

8. Attractive job opportunities

With expanded international relationships, especially the direct investment of Vietnam's leading industrial group, PHENIKAA Group, Phenikaa University students have numerous opportunities to practice and work at the member companies of PHENIKAA Group and have job opportunities in foreign markets, such as the US, Canada, Japan, and South Korea.
In particular, students in the faculties of Material Technology, Mechatronics Engineering, Control and Automation Engineering who graduate on time and achieve at least a fair level will be guaranteed to have jobs at the member companies of PHENIKAA Group if they meet job requirements.

9. Practical experiences - Comprehensive skill development
The dynamic and modern environment of Phenikaa University helps students train in active skills through extracurricular and volunteer activities. More than 20 diverse academic, cultural and sports clubs are places for students to gain practical experiences and soft skill achievements.

Sport area
Sport area