Why Vietnam?

12/2/2019 8:37 AM

In the recent years, the number of international students attending universities in Vietnam, especially students from the developed countries such as Canada, Korea, Australia, France, etc., are continuously increasing. The reasons are:

Studying environments and training programs have gradually improved on international standards

Nowadays, many Vietnamese universities have designed their curriculums  based on the curriculums  of prestigious universities around the world, together with having changes that  make them suitable for Vietnamese students. Moreover, many universities in Vietnam have associations  with other universities worldwide to provide transnational education, which also attracts international students to choose Vietnam for their studying.

Saving education and additional fee

The fees  for studying in Vietnam that international students are expected to pay is  usually lower compared to those of other universities in the world. Furthermore, the cost of living is much lower than that in developed countries, where the cost of living is overwhelming for students, nevertheless the exorbitant amount of money that students have to pay as their living expenses when in far away country.

Exploring the diversity of the local culture and cuisine

Vietnam is a country with a long and special history and traditions rooted deep with the nation’s history of establishment and development. Vietnamese cultural specificities are always of interests with foreigners, who want to discover more about this long-lasting culture. In general, Vietnamese society highly values family, relationships and honor traditional customs.