Research projects

10/10/2019 8:40 AM

The National Foundation for Science and Technology Development – Nafosted

1. "Research synthesis and survey of the effect of concentration of doped In, Bi, Sb on the thermoelectric properties of SnSe single crystal semiconductor with crystal structure of thin layer and film"
Manager: Dr. Duong Anh Tuan
Implementation time: 24 months (4/2017 - 4/2019) - completed
2. "Research and manufacture of rare earth fluorescence powders based on Cu and Mn doped ZnO, ZnAl2O4 materials for manufacturing white light-emitting diodes"
Manager: Dr. Do Quang Trung
Duration: 36 months (December 2017 - 12/2020)
3. “Research capacity in economics and management compared with the whole of social sciences: Analysis and implications for community and Scopus data-policymakers in 2008- 2018”
Manager: Dr. Vuong Quan Hoang
Duration: 2018-2020
4. "Researching and manufacturing hybrid materials to reduce the cost of the opposite electrode of photosensitive solar cells (DSCs)"
Manager: Dr. Dao Van Duong
Duration: 2018-2020
5. "Researching and developing network coding techniques to improve spectral efficiency and reliability for core optical information networks"
Manager: Dr. Dao Thanh Hai
Duration: 2018-2020
6. “Researching and manufacturing Fe3O4 @ SiO2-GO, Fe3O4 / ZnO-Graphene nano-composite nano-composites with core-shell-hybrid structure to enhance the handling of heavy metal ions and decompose organic pigments. muscle in the water”
Manager: Dr. Pham Thi Lan Huong
Duration: 36 months (9/2019-9/2022)
7. "A summary and research on the reversible optical properties of copper doped, hydroxyapatite Er, Yb, TM (TM: Fe, Mn, Mo)"
Manager: Dr. Hoang Nhu Van
Duration: 36 months (9/2019 - 9/2022)
8. "A research on the transition and metal plating processes (Pt, Fe, Co) using environmentally friendly eutectic liquid ions for application in fuel cell"
Manager: Dr. Le Manh Tu
Duration: 24 months (9/2019 - 9/2021) 
9. "A research on applied machine to develop new materials with good magnetic properties on the alloys of transition metals and rare earth metals"
Manager: Dr. Pham Tien Lam Nhat
Duration: 24 months (9/2019 - 9/2021)
10. "Manufacturing some chalcogen transition metal materials (MoS2, WSe2) for Li-ion battery electrode and gas sensor"
Manager: Dr. Le Viet Thong
Duration: 24 months (9/2019 - 9/2021)
11. "A research on synthesis and development of functional heterogeneous nano systems based on magnetic nanomaterials CuX2O4 (X = Fe, Co) or nano precious metals (Metal = Au, Ag) with objects 2D nanomaterials (MS2, M = Mo, W; and rGO) in biomedical and environmental ”
Manager: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Le Anh Tuan
Duration: 24 months (9/2019 - 9/2021)
12. "Organic-metal frame material with application in gas sensor and with catalyst role in biomass metabolism"
Manager: Dr. Nguyen Tang Son
Duration: 24 months (9/2019 - 9/2021)
13. "Researching and manufacturing Ti and F materials doped with spinel / layered composite structure of Li and Mn rich cathode materials for Li ion battery"
Manager: Dr. Vu Ngoc Hung
Duration: 24 months (9/2019 - 9/2021)
14. "A research on ocotillol saponin composition of Vietnam Ginseng (Panax vietnamensis): analytical method of LC-MS / MS, its composition and biological activity" (108.05-2019.01)
Manager: Dr. Nguyen Huu Tung