Interdisciplinary Research Areas

12/2/2019 7:40 AM

With a highly qualified scientific team, Phenikaa University attests to the quality and is making great strides in achieving scientific results, innovation and creativity, scientific research and technology transfer. In 2019, the University has a commendable feat of more than 100 publications in the list of prestigious international scientific journals ISI/Scopus, among the top 15 universities with the most international ISI/SCOPUS publications in the country. The university has risen to be at the zenith of the higher education institutions with many scientists having scientific papers published in international journals and with over 1,000 citations (according to google scholar). The University has also reached the top of the RePEc Vietnam rankings (a ranking of Vietnam's economic research institutions). In addition to the international publications, many scientists have successfully registered and have been granted funding for the implementation of 14 scientific projects under the National Foundation for Science and Technology Development (Nafosted). The University has 3 out of 11 Vietnamese scientists in the top 100,000 leading scientists in the world.

Core research areas:

   Information and Communications Technology
●   Advanced Material Technology and Nanotechnology

   Mechanics - Mechatronics


   Food Technology

   Electrical, Electronics and Automation

   Motivation Engineering

   Fundamental Sciences (Mathematics and Computational Science, Physics)

   Medical Science (Health, Pharmacology)

●   Computer Science

●   Chemistry, Energy and Environment

●   International Language Studies

●   Economics, Finance and Business Administration Studies

Leading and Advanced research groups:

●   Development and application of nano sensors;

●   High energy physics and cosmology;

●   Biomedical nano materials - environment;

●   Pharmaceutical chemistry and bioactive ingredients;

●   Smart information systems;

●   Nanomaterials for electronic applications and renewable energy;

●   Optoelectronics and photonics;

●   Analysis of grid data in social sciences.

●   Renewable Energy Conversion and Storage