Scholarships and Tuition Fees

12/2/2019 7:45 AM

Students are considered to be the most important factor in every activity at Phenikaa University. Therefore, every student at the university is given equal right to study. If you have the drive, are talented and willing to create a brighter future, Phenikaa University will award you with hundreds of scholarships from our Scholarship Fund from Phenikaa Group and other associates of Phenikaa University. The financial aspect of these scholarships ranges from 50% - 300% of the total tuition fee. At the moment, Phenikaa University is ready to award these types of scholarships:

• “Talented” scholarship: for the most gifted individuals who have the will to become researchers, lecturers, and experts in the field of technology

• “Academic Support” scholarship: for students with the school results ranging from Good and above, have the drive to improve themselves, understand and utilize the core knowledge from school into their studying as well as the real world

• “Enriching Life” scholarship: for those with financial problems with the school results ranging from average and above, have the will to surpass their problems in lives as well as unceasingly thrive for better results in their studying and support their community.