Sport and Recreation

10/8/2019 1:27 AM

Phenikaa University understands the importance of recreation. To satisfy students’ needs for entertainment, since 2018, the University has been gradually accomplishing the newly constructed facilities. Phenikaa University is the proud owner of:

• A gymnasium with the capacity for 2000 people
• A stadium matching national standards
• Modern football and volleyball fields, etc.

With the outstandingly raised standards of sporting facilities, students at Phenikaa University will have chances to take part in numerous sporting events as well as setting up their teams to compete in various competitions.

 Some photos demonstrating the sporting activities in Phenikaa University:

 • MALE Football Club: Registration link:

 • FEMALE Football Club: Registration link:

 • Volleyball Club: Registration link:

 • Badminton Club: Registration link:

 • Basketball Club: Registration link:

 • Shuttlecock Kicking Club: Registration link: