Clubs for students

10/22/2019 7:26 AM

Besides hard hours of studying and practicing in laboratories and workshops, Phenikaa University also focuses on designing extra-curriculum activities to involve students and create a healthy environment for students for the self development in students their personality and build up their confidence. With a variety of clubs, students at Phenikaa University can have chances to pursue their passions and develop their talents when taking part in these activities.

List of CLUBS in Phenikaa University

1. PHENIKAA Blood Doner’s Club: Đội Thanh Niên Vận Động Hiến Máu trường ĐH Phenikaa ( Registration link: )
2. GUITAR Club: CLB Guitar trường Đại học Phenikaa (Registration link: )
3. Dancing Club: CLB Múa Phenikaa (Registration link: )
4. ART Club: CLB Nghệ Thuật trường Đại học Phenkiaa (Registration link: )
5.Voluntary Club: CLB Tình Nguyện Xanh Trường Đại Học Phenikaa (Registration link: )
6. Sports Club: CLB Thể Thao trường Đại học Phenikaa ( Registration link:
• MALE Football Club : Registration link :
• FEMALE Football Club: Registration link:
• Volleyball Club: Registration link:
• Badminton Club: Registration link:
• Basketball Club: Registration link:
• Shuttlecock Kicking Club: Registration link:
7. English Club: Phenikaa University English Club - PUEC (Registration link: )