Research project by Phenikaa University students to reach the final round of “Student Scientific Research Competition” for the first time in 2020

7/11/2020 14 lượt xem
The Student Scientific Research Competition (SSRC) aims to promote students’ scientific research activities, help students develop their capacity to think creatively, to form the ability to study and do research independently.  


20/10/2020 12 lượt xem
On 8 October 2020, the Ministry of Science and Technology, in coordination with Startup Vietnam Foundation (SVF) and Startup World Cup officially launched the TECHFEST VIETNAM 2020. This is a competition to find and support innovative startups founded by Vietnamese both ... 

Phenikaa University 2020 Undergraduate Admissions Schemes

16/10/2020 74 lượt xem
With the desire to create equal opportunities for students in all circumstances to have access to high-quality higher education; while implementing the orientation of building a non-profit university, in addition to the Talent, Excellence and Further your Future scholarships mentioned ... 

Phenikaa University to support the implementation of STEM education in high schools

30/9/2020 31 lượt xem
On the afternoon of 16 September 2020, Phenikaa University had a meeting and working session with the Vietnam Innovation of General Education Foundation (VIGEF) on support activities for STEM education in high schools.  

Launching ceremony of the Faculty of Tourism and signing cooperation agreements with hotels and travel companies

28/9/2020 32 lượt xem
On 24 September 2020, Phenikaa University hosted the launching of the Faculty of Tourism and signed cooperation agreements with hotel businesses and travel companies to meet the demand for high quality human resources for Vietnam’s tourism industry.  

Phenikaa University’s community-based tourism model at Techfest Hai Phong

27/9/2020 17 lượt xem
On the afternoon of 25 September 2020, the Faculty of Tourism, Phenikaa University participated in the 4th Hai Phong Techfest with “Community-based tourism in rural communities in Ly Nhan, Ha Nam”  

Center for Education Accreditation - Vietnam National University, Hanoi awarded the Certificate of assessment of education to Phenikaa University

24/9/2020 39 lượt xem
On 18 September 2020, Phenikaa University was honoured to hold the ceremony “Announcing the Decision and Awarding of certificates of assessment of education to Phenikaa University”  

Phenikaa University to take part in 4.0 human resource training

15/9/2020 28 lượt xem
On the morning of August 25, 2020, Phenikaa University had a meeting with Hitachi–Sunway Vietnam Co., Ltd. to build training programmes and 4.0 industrial laboratories.  

Accreditation to reaffirm standing and training quality

27/8/2020 71 lượt xem
Constantly innovating and improving the quality of all aspects in its activities, Phenikaa University has always put emphasis on implementing education quality assurance activities, thereby step by step geared towards the goal of meeting the needs of students and society. ... 

Phenikaa University as a sponsor of IVMUN Conference

29/7/2020 74 lượt xem
The International Vietnam Model United Nations Conference (IVMUN) is a three-day simulation of the forums of the United Nations for students aged 13—22, allowing them to stay abreast of world events and assume the roles of United Nations members’ representatives ... 

Sustainable Development Goals Report 2019

10/1/2020 10 lượt xem
As the world strives to attain a sustainable environment, Phenikaa University's initiatives towards the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals is extensively published in this annual report of 2019